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Tax consultancy for companies

Our range of corporate tax consultancy services includes:

  • Analysis of all issues relating to corporate tax law, in particular regarding restructuring, company takeovers or other transactions
  • Domestic or cross-border tax planning, in particular with regard to the transfer of IP rights or registered office, or the opening of new business premises
  • Formulation of questions to cantonal or federal authorities about tax rulings; representation in tax audits
  • Support with discharging the tax compliance duties incumbent upon companies, including:
    • Drafting and verifying complex tax declarations, including preparing intercantonal and international tax allocations
    • Calculating / verifying tax provisions
    • Verifying tax invoices and payment management
    • Support with accounting-related questions
  • Tax analysis of intra-group transactions (transfer pricing)
  • Tax accounting
  • Advice for the self-employed
  • Advice on Swiss unilateral and international withholding tax law and statutory social security contributions (tax compliance obligations for employers)
  • VAT compliance and advice