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People. Personalities.

Providing advice is a special kind of service – provided by people for people – and is therefore a question of both ability and trust. Because we are aware of this, we foster a corporate culture in which technical expertise and personal skills are held in equally high regard. 

When it comes to technical expertise we are uncompromising. Many of our staff hold advanced qualifications in their field. The ability to get to the bottom of a problem with speed and precision, and to propose possible solutions, is an essential prerequisite to the provision of comprehensive and interdisciplinary advice. 

As we see it, professionalism manifests itself in many ways: through personal commitment, a sense of responsibility, independence and integrity – all values at the heart of PKF’s identity.

  • If you ask our customers, it is the interplay between the professional expertise and individual personalities of our staff that makes us stand out.
  • A wide range of career development opportunities is available at PKF Zurich for both well-qualified newcomers to the profession and experienced experts. We promote further training and support staff with preparing for and sitting professional examinations.