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PKF Central Europe Cluster Meeting in Kyiv

14 Okt 2019

Kyiv, October 2019: The Central Europe cluster meeting took place in Kyiv on 4 October. Participants from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine took a closer look at strengthening cluster positioning in the market, promoting efficient use of marketing tools and planning cross-country opportunities for their youngest members of staff.

The Central European Cluster is home to brave entrepreneurs facing exciting business opportunities. Almost three decades after transitioning from a command economy, the region now speaks confidently for itself in Europe and in the wider world. Influenced by a common history and united by similar economic goals, firms from the region meet on a regular basis to discuss challenges and opportunities and work out strategies that will help them to leverage the benefits of being a part of an international network.

Members of the PKF Central Europe cluster focus on collaborating around issues such as serving businesses across the area, developing niche expertise in the region, and tackling legislative changes. The group also discusses ways to allow millennials to grow professionally and prepare them for taking on more international responsibilities in the future.

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